How can I set a background image for my site?

FAQ: How can I set a background image for my site?

To set a background image to a site, you should work with the Swifty platform Template Management Tool.  To download the Template Management Tool, please raise a new case on the Swifty Service Portal.  Full instructions on how to work with the Swifty Template Management Tool are available by searching this knowledgebase for: "PTMT". For any further help please raise a new case and our Service Desk team will be happy to advise you.

1. Put the background image into the template image folder (%TemplateDirectory%/static/images/)
2. Add the style for the background into the layout-render.css file(%TemplateDirectory%/static/styles/layout-render.css),
for example:

#wrapperOuter { background: url(../images/bg_main.jpg) no-repeat 0 0; }  

Where bg_main.jpg is the name of your image file

3. Upload the changes by clicking on the Update Template button in the PTMT and publish the site for the changes to be applied online


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