How can I increase my site ranking?

How-To: How can I increase my site ranking?

The sector you operate in, the type of products you sell, as well as how you enter product data and what Search Engine information you've entered all have a bearing on a site's search engine ranking.  Therefore, the success of your organic search ranking is dependent on the relevancy of your site content and how competitive that particular sector is. 

The Swifty platform includes very powerful search engine optimisation to reduce the amount of product or page specific information you need to enter.  The robots.txt file is created specifically for your shop and contains a link to the shop’s sitemap as well as the instructions to the search engines not to index cart, account, enquiry, checkout and search pages. This improves SEO of your shop as the duplicate content is not being indexed.

We do however recognise that in competitive sectors you may wish to work with a SEO specialist to achieve optimum search engine rankings.
Our Customer Success Team can provide an SEO service for Enterprise level customers, get in touch on for more information.


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