PTMT: File extensions allowed for upload

Reference: PTMT: File extensions allowed for upload

Files with the following extensions can be uploaded via the latest Swifty platform Template Management Tool version:



If your template includes a file that does not comply to authorised file extensions the upload will fail.  You must remove any prohibited files and then restart the upload process.

If you are uploading the files with the supported extension only, but still receiving the error message, please check there are no hidden files in the folders, e.g.  Thumbs.db. Please note that the safe-to-delete.tmp file which you can find in the js folder cannot cause this problem.

To remove the Thumbs.db files, please do the following ( ):

1. Open a folder (or the specific folder you want to change)
2. Select "Folder Options" from the View menu
3. Click the View tab
4. Check the "Do not cache thumbnails" option 
5. Untick the "Hide protected operating system files" check box
6. Click "OK" to apply the change and close the window (or click "Appy to All Folders" to make the change systemwide)
7. Check your template files and remove all Thumbs.db files

For Windows users:

For the hidden files to be shown, please open Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Folder Options > View, find the 'Hidden files and folders' setting, select 'Show hidden files and folders' and click OK to save the changes.

For MAC users:

For the hidden files to be displayed in Finder, please go to Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type the following:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder


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