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The Alternative Product Image option enables you to give greater exposure of your products to customers. The primary thumbnail image for a product transforms to an alternative product shot on rollover.

This functionality is disabled by default. It can be enabled by ticking the "Display Alternative Product Image in Product Lists" check box in the Website > Edit Website > Format Product Display > Category Products screen. 

The second product image added to the Add/Edit Product > Product Images tab is considered to be a product's alternative image. 

If the functionality is enabled and there are at least 2 product images, the alternative product image will replace the main product image in product lists when the cursor hovers over the product's thumbnail image.

The main product image

Alternative product image:

If the main and alternative images differ in dimensions, the placeholder's height may be changed in accordance to the new image.

Recommended image type and size for the product images are described

Important note for developers and shop owners who use bespoke templates:

This functionality is only available for templates that have the generic template version id=8 or greater. Please see 
Template Version Control for more information on the generic template version.



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