Tips on Promotion Management

Reference: Tips on Promotion Management

Please see How to create a Promotion describing the promotion creation.

Working with the Promotion Usage Count

The Usage count reflects the number of created orders which contain product(s) included in the promotional campaign.

Which Promotion will be applied to the product when more than 1 Promotion is active?

Discounting rule: one promotion per shopping cart
For the product with several active promotions the promotion that gives the lowest product price will be applied during the product discount calculation.
When several products with different promotions applied are added to the shopping cart only one promotion can be applied.  The promotion which gives the lowest value for the shopping cart will be taken into account. Therefore if there are 2 products with 2 different promotions added to the shopping cart, only one of these products will be discounted, the one with the 'best' discount amount.

How are Taxes and Shipping cost calculated with discounts?

Taxes are calculated for product prices after discounts are applied.
The applied discount doesn't affect any shipping cost calculation.
Depending on Product Price Display Format (inclusive or exclusive of taxes), discount amount may or may not include tax value. Please see the following article for more details: Working with Product Taxes

How are Promotions applicable to a product with option(s)?

When a promotion is applied to a product with option(s), only the product price will be discounted (this discount is not applied to values entered for the 'Option Price').



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