Template Version Control

Reference: Template Version Control

The Template Version Control feature is created mainly for developers and site owners who use bespoke templates. 

We have added a new parameter to the 'config.xml' file: generic-template-version id="n". All bespoke templates downloaded from the shop and those stored locally on your computer, which were created and saved before the introduction of the Template Version Control functionality, are assumed to have the generic template version id=1. All newly downloaded public templates (following the system update released on 5th August) will have the generic template version id=2. The version id will increase sequentially as system updates are applied.

By means of this functionality we can keep you informed about any changes made to the latest version of the generic template. Once a new version of the generic template is introduced by a sequential system update the following message will be shown in the Dashboard:

The current website template %TemplateName% can be upgraded to support the most recent features. Click "View Details" for more information.

We recommend that you upgrade the site template to the latest generic version. In doing so you can be sure that the site owner will have access to all newly added features and can see the changes made to the existing functionality. 

Please note, that a site's look & feel will stay unchanged if the site's template isn't upgraded, but new functionality may not be available for the shop (depending on the set of changes made to a new generic template version).  On an attempt to apply a template using an older generic template version, the following error message will be shown:

"Sorry - Template %TemplateName% does not support some recently added features. Please contact your Design Provider to request a template update."

To upgrade a generic template version for a locally stored template, please use the 'Sync Generic' facility. See How can I upgrade a bespoke template to the latest version of the generic template? for more details on this topic. 


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