Configuring your Swifty store for your Barclaycard ePDQ Merchant Account

Once you've completed these final steps your customers will be able to place orders using Barclaycard ePDQ Essential Plus as their payment method.
  1. You must have already signed up for Barclaycard ePDQ Essential Plus. If you have not yet signed up for Barclaycard ePDQ Essential Plus then the following Knowledgebase article will give you more information: Take Payments Online: Introduction to Barclaycard ePDQ
  2. You must have configured your ePDQ settings ready for use with your Swifty store. If you have not already done this then please follow this Knowledgebase article: Configuring your Barclaycard ePDQ Essential Plus settings ready for use with your Swifty store
  3. Your ePDQ account must be active before configuring your Swifty control panel to receive ePDQ payments When you first receive your ePDQ Essential Plus merchant account, it may well be in test mode, and therefore only capable of making and receiving test transactions. Your account should 'go live' automatically after a week or so but to be sure, please contact the Barclaycard ePDQ support team to request that your account is activated as soon as possible by emailing or by calling 0844 824 0230 who will then send an email to the relevant team on your behalf.
  4. You will need your Swifty account credentials, i.e. your username and password, which will be emailed to you by Swifty.
  5. If you have not logged into your Swifty store before you will need to complete the initial setup wizard. The following knowledgebase article will talk you through these steps: How to Create A Website
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you still need to complete the setup wizard, then it will ask you to setup your chosen payment method. Please skip this step. If you do choose to setup your ePDQ payment method as part of the wizard you will still need to perform the below steps in order to authenticate your setup.

Configuring your Swifty store to use ePDQ:

Step 1

Login to your Swifty control panel and go to Go to Settings > Manage Payment Methods > Add Payment Method, choose the 'Credit/Debit Cards' option and click 'Next'.


Choose 'ePDQ Essential Plus' and click 'Next'.

Step 2

Please enter the Payment Method Name as you'd like it to appear to your customers on their checkout page.

Please be sure to check the 'Display Payment Method to the customer during checkout' checkbox or you will not be able to receive ePDQ Payments

Under the 'Edit Account Details' tab, please fill in your Barclaycard ePDQ LIVE API user credentials:
  • PSPID - you will use this to login to your Barclaycard ePDQ Control Panel (as per the instructions in the knowledgebase article mentioned in prerequisite 2 above)
  • API User ID and API Password - these are specified by you when creating ePDQ API user in the ePDQ control panel (as per the instructions in the knowledgebase article mentioned in prerequisite 2 above) 
  • SHA-IN and SHA-OUT -You will also have chosen these two pass phrases when you were configuring tthe settings in your ePDQ control panel.

Step 3

The next tab after 'Edit Account Details' is the 'Select Transaction Mode' tab. You will have chosen your transaction mode to use when configuring your ePDQ settings in your Barclaycard control panel (see Section 3.1: 'Global Transaction parameters' in the knowledgebase article specified in prerequisite 2 above), please enter the same transaction mode here on this screen. If in doubt just select 'Sale' both here and in your Barclaycard control panel.

Step 4

Under 'Edit Card Brands and 3D secure Settings' tab, please enable the card brands that have been already configured for your ePDQ Essential Plus account. These card brands will be displayed on the front end to your customers during the checkout process. If you're not sure, tick every box on this section except American Express.



  1. If you would like to process Maestro payments, please make sure you’ve activated 3D Secure in both ePDQ and Swifty, otherwise transactions paid by Maestro card will be rejected even if the customer provided correct card details during the checkout.
  2. If 3D Secure has been activated in Swifty and not in ePDQ or vice versa, the transaction will proceed as non-3D secure and a merchant will not benefit from chargeback liability shift. 3D Secure must be activated in both Swifty and ePDQ for a merchant to benefit from chargeback liability shift.
If you're not sure please tick "Enable 3D Secure Validation".
Step 5

Finally, please check your Barclaycard ePDQ Essential Plus payment integration by clicking on the 'Validate ePDQ Essential Plus' button. In order to proceed further and save the payment method, you must receive successful integration results:


Troubleshooting if your validation fails:

1. 3D Secure cannot be validated during this step so if you have it enabled for the Essential Plus payment method, please publish your shop and place a test transaction on 
    the front end using the card enrolled in the 3DS scheme.
2. Validation will fail if your ePDQ account has not been set to LIVE. Please see prerequisite 3 above for more information.
3. Validation will fail if you've provided incorrect live API user credentials or if the ePDQ service is temporarily unavailable.

Step 6

Save the ePDQ Essential Plus payment method by clicking the 'Done' button, 

Step 7

Please publish your store so you can start taking orders!

Please note that your configuration changes will not go live until you have published your store.


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