How to make content appear on all pages

How-To: How to make content appear on all pages

The following page section types can be 'shared' ( i.e. can be added to multiple pages) : Text And Image, HTML section, Featured Products.

Please login to your PowaWEB site, go to Website > Edit Website.

1. In Edit Page tab select the page section you want to appear on all pages

2. Click on the first icon (triangle)

3. Select 'Add Page Section to All Pages' from the context menu

4. Click 'Yes' in the Confirmation window "Page Section is about to be added to all pages. Continue?"

5. Enter new page section name in the new window and click Done

6. This section will be automatically added to all pages. Also, this section will be available in the Page Sections tab under 'Shared Page Sections'

7. To rename the page section click on the 'pencil' icon

8. You can remove this section from displaying on individual pages by clicking on 'x' icon for the section. It could be re-added again by dragging it from the Page Sections tab

9. You can remove this page section completely by clicking on the 'cross' icon  for this page section in the Page Sections tab



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