What custom attributes can be passed to Google Merchant Center

Knowledgebase Articles: What custom attributes can be passed to Google Merchant Center

See Custom Product Attributes for more information about custom attributes.

The Powa system passes all attributes which are indicated as 'required' by Google Merchant Center.  The majority of 'recommended' attributes can be added to a product as a custom attribute and passed to Google Merchant Center. The full list of available Google Merchant Center attributes can be seen 

Below is the list of attributes that will be passed to Google Merchant Center if publishing to Google Merchant Center is enabled and corresponding attributes are added to a product as Custom Attribute. These new attributes can be added either manually or in bulk (via Import Products).

Please note, some required attributes passed by default (including a default value) to Google Merchant Center can be overwritten by creating a Custom Attribute.

GMC Attribute Name Expected Custom Attribute Name(case insensitive) Notes
condition condition By default the system passes this attribute with value=New, but its value can be overriden by creating a custom attribute 
gtin gtin  
mpn mpn  
identifier exists identifier_exists Exception: in categories where unique product identifiers are required but no such identifier exists for an item (e.g. custom goods), submit 'identifier exists' with a value of FALSE
availability availability By default the system passes this attribute with value=in stock, if a product's quantity is greater than 0, and with value=out of stock, if a product's quantity is 0.
You will be able to override this attribute value via Custom Attributes. We recommend doing this if either 'available for order' or 'preorder' values need to be passed to Google.
online only online_only  
color color  
size size  
google product category google_product_category  
material material  
pattern pattern  
gender gender  
age group age_group  
item group id item_group_id  

Important Note: Information about Shipping is neither passed by default nor can it be specified as a custom attributes.  Therefore, you must set up shipping methods in your Google Merchant Center Account. Go to Settings > Tax and Shipping and create the appropriate shipping methods. See Tax & Shipping Google article for more information about setting-up shipping methods.

For expected Values for the above attributes, please refer to Google Merchant Center's documentation: Products Feed Specification google article


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