Where can I define the time-zone for my shop?

Knowledgebase Articles: Where can I define the time-zone for my shop?

The time zone for a shop can be selected when completing the setup wizard (for more information see: How to Create A Website). The time zone can also be changed by the shop owner in the Edit Shopping Cart Settings dialog window (Settings > Edit Shopping Cart Settings).

The timestamps for all events that take place on your PowaWEB shop are stored as UTC and are displayed with the offset applied according to the time zone you selected. This includes, for example, the time-stamp for orders placed on your shop, your site’s publish and suspend dates, the authorization date for the integrations, etc.

Please note, the time-stamp for all historical events on your shop are also in UTC.

By default all shops are assigned to “Europe, GMT 00:00 London” time zone (“GMT +01:00” during the summer).


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