How to setup PayPal Website Payment Standard

Step 1: Verify your PayPal account

Login to your PayPal account at > Verify your account

To get Verified, PayPal asks you to provide your debit or credit card or bank or funding details. They then make sure that you are in control of your bank account or card, which helps to prevent fraud such as identity theft. Verification also enables you to:

  • Send and receive as many PayPal payments as you like
  • Easily withdraw more money from your PayPal account to your bank account

To gain Verified status, please follow the few simple steps outlined below.

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click on the 'Get Verified' link under the title 'Activate Account'
  • Enter your bank details and review our Direct Debit agreement
  • PayPal will then deposit two small amounts into your bank account within five working days. Please make a note of these amounts
  • Log in to your PayPal account and tell us what these two amounts are


Step 2: Adjust your PayPal account settings to accept payments through your PowaWEB site


Once you have logged in select Profile from the main menu option under My Account

Click on My Selling preferences, find API access and click Update


Now, select the option Grant API Permission in the far left hand box

Enter in the required field and click Lookup


Tick the following check boxes and click Add:

 NOTE: Do not check PayPal Express if you do not wish to enable this facility

A page confirming third party access will be shown


Go back to My Account > Profile and select the option Postage Calculations

If any specific postage settings are enabled in your profile, please tick the ‘Click here to allow
transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above (if profile
settings are enabled)’ checkbox and click Save

Step 3: Adjust your PowaWEB site Payment Method settings

Login to the PowaWEB control panel at

Go to Settings > Manage Payment Methods and click the Add Payment Method button

Select the option to add PayPal and click the Next button

Enter the Payment Method name and email address registered to your PayPal account, then click Done

PayPal Standard has now been successfully added to your PowaWEB account and will be available on your website when you are ready to publish it.



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