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Google Products, the previously free product indexing service, is changing to Google Shopping, which will be a paid service.  Over the next few months, google will phase out any non-paid for entries from Google Shopping.

The new Google Shopping experience is built on Product Listing Ads, which are ads that include rich product information, such as product image, price, and merchant name. This ad format uses the data attributes from the product information you submit in your Merchant Center data feed. Google show your ad to people who are already searching for the kinds of products you sell -- so those people are more likely to take action. You can customize your ad content, set a budget and pricing that’s comfortable for you, and easily measure the impact of your ad with advanced reporting and performance tools.

In order for your products to appear on Google Shopping, you will need to create Product Listing Ads campaigns. Your products must be submitted in accordance with Google’s feed specifications and must be in compliance with the Google Shopping policies.  To understand more on how to ensure your product feed complies with Google’s specifications, please review Google’s specifications in conjunction with how to apply Powa Custom Attributes for submission to Google Merchant Center here: What custom attributes can be passed to Google Merchant Center

It is very simple for merchants to create Product Listing Ads directly from Google Merchant Center. This can be done in three simple steps:
1.    Set up an AdWords account and a basic Product Listing Ads campaign
2.    Customize your campaign
3.    Provide your billing information

For further information please see: Google Merchant Center - Adwords settings and account linking

The following support articles are available from Google Support:
- Create and Customize your Product Ads listing: 
Create and customize your Product Listing Ads

- Manage your Product Listing Ads campaign: Manage your Product Listing Ads campaign

- Create stand-alone shopping ads for your products: Manage your Product Listing Ads campaign

- Set up your Product Listing Ads campaign: Manage your Product Listing Ads campaign


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