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Working with Brands offers an additional and effective way for customers to access the products they're looking for in a way that is meaningful to them.  In the traditional sense, some shop owners may use Brands to associate products with the manufacturer.  If traditional brands don't apply to your products, think laterally on how your products can be grouped, and how it would be beneficial for your customers to locate products.  E.g. If you're selling different coloured products, use the Brands functionality to associate products with colours.

Adding a brand

1. Please go to Catalogue > Manage Brands
2. Click the 'Add Brand' button
3. Name the Brand to be added
4. Click 'Done'
5. Click 'Move Up'/'Move Down' buttons to change brand position if needed

Your new brand has been successfully added and you can now assign products to your Brand

To assign Products to a Brand

1. Please go to Catalogue > Manage Products
2. Select either Add a new product or Edit an existing product
3. In the Product Data tab (selected by default), you will see the Brand field. Start typing and the system will provide you with corresponding existing brands. To add a new brand, just type it and click Done to save the changes. Note, only one brand can be associated with a product.

4. Click 'Done' to complete

Now go to Website > Edit Website, to add Brands Menu page section.

By default title for the Brands Menu section is 'Brands', but you can change this:

1. Click on the pen icon for this section.

2. In the page section editor enter new title(or leave it empty).

3. Click Done to save changes. On the live site it will look like this (depends on selected template):

Please note, all changes must be published to take effect on your live site.

Product Import & Brands Order

Product import works in the following way: when you upload products from the CSV/txt file, the system goes through the file from the first line to the last one, adding products in order.

Brand creation works in the following way: a newly created brand is added to the top of the list.

Therefore, a brand from the last line (in the CSV/txt file) will be added to the first position in the Manage Brands grid. So if you want brands to be displayed in alphabetical order after product import, you should arrange products in the CSV/txt file so that brands are displayed in reverse alphabetical order.

If you have already imported products and are not satisfied with the sort order of the brands, there are two options for you to change it:

1. Change the order of the products in the CSV and re-import them. But before doing this, you will need to delete all your products and brands from the Dashboard.

2. Change the order of the brands in the Manage Brands grid manually by using Move Up/Move Down buttons.



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